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Rain or Shine: Norwood and Mercado

Friday, October 17, 2008 , Posted by dAVe at 10:53 PM

If you talk about Rain or Shine Elasto Painters (formerly Welcoat Dragons), then first on your agenda would be these two guys. Gabe Norwood, the overall 1st draft pick and Solomon Mercado, the 5th draft pick of Alaska (traded to Welcoat) are the heart and soul of this young team.

Mercado had the most impressive debut among the rookies exploding for 29 points. Norwood meanwhile has yet to show his A-game, at least in my opinion. Norwood has preferred to be a passer, an orchestrator in their games so far. I believe he still has a lot to show, especially on the offensive end.

The future certainly looks shiny for Rain or Shine. They may not instantly be a title contender this season, some more additions in their roster plus experience, they'll surely get there.

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  1. tina says:

    true... solomon the real player by heart... you're the man sol!

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