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NBA Opening Games Analysis

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 , Posted by dAVe at 2:02 AM

I was lucky enough to watch the three opening games of the new season of the NBA. Good news is, Basketball TV or bTV is back over SkyCable channel 33.

Cleveland vs Boston : 85-90

This game was definitely a treat especially the fans of Celtics. It seems like every Celtic is in high spirits and overflowing confidence coming from last season's championship run. Kevin Garnett was not in his usual form, shooting wise while Paul Pierce was on target right from the tip-off. Tony Allen and Leon Powe provided energy and scoring from the bench. The two scored at least 10 points. It was an ugly game for King James fanatics because Lebron failed to play the hero's role at crunch time. He muffed crucial free throws. If I remember it right, he only made a single field goal in the fourth. I was impressed with Mo Williams. He provides the Cavs with speed and clutch shooting from beyond the arc.

Milwaukee vs Chicago : 95-108

Looks like Chicago's trade deals last season and rookie draft acquisitions will pay-off this season. The team had a very good debut against Milwaukee. First overall draft pick, Derick Rose showed he can play the starting point and alongside Kirk Hinrich. The rookie sensation was one assist shy of a double-double performance finishing with 11 points and 9 assists. He's not the flashy type of a player but he gets the job done as a point guard. Chicago's backcourt is now more reliable and it seems that the players have adjusted with the rotations. Before, playing time was an issue with Ben Gordon. Milwaukee on the other hand didn't have the spunk to compete against Chicago. They played flat. Michael Redd had 30 points while new recruit, Richard Jefferson finished with 15.

Portland vs Los Angeles (LAL) : 76 -96

After today's game, a lot of Portland fans are perhaps in dismay with center Greg Oden. Oden limped early in the first quarter. Looking at him, I think he really lacks the legs for his body and size. The game was an all LA show. Bright spot for Portland is Spaniard Rudy Fernandez. Just like what he did in the Olympics, Rudy displayed his beautiful touch from the outside and his basketball smarts.

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