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No PC version for NBA Live 2009

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 , Posted by dAVe at 7:42 PM

Looks like that's how it's going to be...

Earlier this year, EA Sports announced that it will not be producing a PC version for the much awaited NBA Live 2009. *sigh! Now as the official release date for the Xbox360 is near, there's still no signs of good news for NBA Live fanatics (PC) like me.

"IGN: Will there be any further EA Sports games on the PC?

Peter Moore:
We're doing two this year – we're doing FIFA and we're doing NHL. For business reasons they're very viable. FIFA in particular, because it's a strong business – and console penetration where soccer is powerful – which of course, is everywhere – is weak sometimes, and people have PCs. I can go to my dev team and I can look at the numbers and say it's worth investing millions of dollars to create the PC version of FIFA. Same with NHL, particularly if you're pushing into Eastern Europe and into Russia where we're doing a lot of investment with our hockey franchise. But there are others where we're just losing money. And I reserve the right not to lose money. And my team – as you know, in any job if you do well you get more compensation. It's a difficult conversation to have – am I going to go develop for the PC where, by the way, we're going to lose money and not make a bonus. How do you think about that? It's not fair to these guys. And piracy's an issue – there's not enough sales to justify it, and we do just about every other platform. If you want console, you want your DS, your Wii experience – which takes a team now because you need a brand new Wii experience – eventually you run out of resources and you say we're just not selling enough on the PC and you make a very hard business decision. And then you have this very unique conversation going on now on the blog. I'm trying to think if this has ever happened in our industry where I state my case. It's entertaining and people want me dead, or hung, drawn and quartered."

Here's the NBA Live 09 Exclusive Features Trailer

I'm still hoping for the PC version to come out.

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  1. Jonathan says:

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  1. CP says:

    D: I hate how Video game companies are beginning to leave the PC out.

    First there was LucasArts and now no more NBA LIVE? D:

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