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Who should be the MVP? Kobe Wade or Lebron

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 , Posted by dAVe at 7:53 AM

The current NBA season is highlighted with perhaps one of the tightest MVP race ever. Leading the pack are NBA All-star and Olympic gold medalists, Kobe Bryant (LA LAkers), Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat) and Lebron James (Cleveland Cavaliers). The three are having their best season ever.

24 Despite good numbers, Kobe Bryant is said to be less-favored in terms of winning the crown-crowd wise, including myself. I think Kobe is a certified go-to-guy however I'm putting into consideration the roster that the Lakers have. With Gasol, Odom, Bynum (injured) and a veteran point guard in Derek Fisher, Kobe has the core to make him a better player. With a loaded line-up, the Lakers are definitely title contenders. I don't think Kobe has to be at his best in order to pull a win for the Lakers. But the "Black Mamba" comes up big in clutch time.

3 Dwyane Wade is the best comeback story of the year, player wise. After a miserable record last season, the Heat is in solid position for the playoffs this year. Thanks to no less than, Dwyane Wade. After an early exit last year due to injuries, Wade started to make noise of his comeback during the Olympics. Wade had a stellar stint in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Yet, it was only a glimpse of what he's about to do in Miami this year. With improved shooting, Wade has been unstoppable offensively. He's explosiveness has improved a lot-no shades of his past injuries. What makes Wade story sweeter is the fact that Miami is a shallow team plus a rookie coach in Erik Spoelstra. Wade has carried the load for Miami. I hope this team stays long in the playoffs although I don't expect them to be in the conference finals. But "Kudos" to D-Wade!

23 If Cleveland makes it to the NBA finals, hands down it'll be Lebron James. I've seen most of Cleveland games this season and I can say the entire team anchored on King James have vastly improved. No wonder why they hold the best record in the league. James has been "Mr. Everything" for Cleveland, registering triple-doubles. On the side, it has been Cavs point guard and new recruit Mo Williams who have made Cleveland a better squad and made James a stronger player. Mo brings a lot of new dimensions to Cleveland especially on the offensive end.

To answer the title. I would say it's Lebron James but I certainly wouldn't mind Wade winning it.

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  1. Lebron got the 2008-09 NBA MVP.

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