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Rommel Adducul

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 , Posted by dAVe at 12:23 AM

Diagnosed with the big C disease (nasopharyngeal cancer) 2 years ago, Rommel Adducul went through several medications including chemotherapy in order to win his battle against cancer. Rommel's battle was closely looked after by his fans, basketball community, and the media. Rommel is a product of San Sebastian College and first made noise in the MBA (Metropolitan Basketball Association) where he played for the Metro Manila Stars. The General is back!

Rommel is back in the active roster of Purefoods. He played for the first time since being sidelined last Saturday against Rain or Shine. He saw 11 minutes of action and able to score 2 points and grabbed 5 rebounds, 3 on the offensive end.

Rommel lacked quickness, lateral movement and grip for the ball. In his game, the ball slipped off his hands several times. But all these are understandable. More importantly, he can definitely work on these things. There's always room for improvement for a guy who is more than willing and determined to learn.

I'm just glad to see "THE GENERAL" back in action.

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  1. Great General! You can see PBA Players Moniker 1975-2009. Thanks!

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