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Cavaliers on a Roll

Monday, January 25, 2010 , Posted by dAVe at 6:37 PM

Cleveland Cavaliers logo

The Cleveland Cavaliers despite a sluggish start this season is now showing its supremacy in the NBA. Behind the huge numbers from superstar Lebron James, Cleveland managed to stay unbeaten against defending champ Los Angeles Lakers.

Mo Williams is also a steady player for the Cavs this year. The Cavs usually wins when he scores more than 15 in a game. He'll be out for at least a month though with an injury. Bad boy Delonte West is also nursing an injury. High-flying Jamario Moon has become a contributor off the bench with his solid defense and gutsy moves to the basket. Former Raptor Anthony Parker is the regular starter for the Cavs at the shooting guard position and he has delivered well. He should be more consistent though on his outside sniping.

"Big Diesel," Shaquille O'neal is doing just fine with Cleveland. I think coach Mike Brown and the rest of Cleveland management is getting what they expect from Shaq at least at this stage of the season. I believe Shaq's worth will be displayed come playoffs time. It's very fortunate that Shaq has managed to stay away from major injuries this season.

When you talk about Cleveland, you can't miss out on their main gunner, Lebron James. Lebron has been doing it all for Cleveland. Aside from his offensive game, King James provides solid interior defense for the Cavaliers highlighted by chased down blocks on fastbreaks. Remember how he erased Kevin Durant's game-winning attempt to beat Durant and the Thunders. Lebron is a tenacious defender. I'm really very impressed with how he defends because being the best offensive weapon of his team, he doesn't have the mentality of being lousy on the defensive end. He has also professionally managed the issues about him being a free agent next year. Lebron is such a unique, elite basketball player.
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