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Tuesday, February 24, 2009 , Posted by dAVe at 9:44 PM

BasketballChat: Am I good looking now? ^_^

Wasted 2 hours of my day just to give this blog a bath. *wink Hope this will be the final layout unless.. unless I change my mind again. hahaha I'm not yet done with some tweaks. Some links are still missing but hopefully I can get everything done this weekend.

I'm also undecided if I should add a "Read more" option for my posts. hmmmm. I've done it in my other blog.

That's about it for now.

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  1. smb0428 says:

    You need a read more bro to increase your Pageviews that affects your Adsense earnings. :D

  1. dAVe says:

    Thanks for the info.. I haven't added adsense ads yet. What you see are dummies only.hehe Tnx again.

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