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Move on Air21 Express

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 , Posted by dAVe at 10:39 PM

A bitter Air21 Express just got their hearts crushed even more as SMB demolished the Express, 98-78. Air21 had a lot of words coming into the game, saying it would be their redemption game and they have something to settle with San Miguel Beermen. It all started SMB stole the win during their first meeting because of a faulty call by the referee. Ranidel de Ocampo's three-point shot was called as a two pointer pushing the game to overtime and SMB eventually triumphed.

Air21's headcoach Bo Perasol and the team managament have pleaded their case and made the necessary appeal with still no success. Now, it has been reported that the bitter team will bring their case to the Games and Amusements Board.

Air21 lost its appeal to the PBA board by a vote Wednesday and said it will take its case to the Games and Amusement Board, marking, if ever, the first time that the government agency will be made a part in making a crucial league decision.

I've seen that game of Air21 and SMB and it was definitely a faulty call since de Ocampo's shot was really a 3-pointer. My point is, it seems that the team has gone too far. They have established their point. But with the denials of their appeals, I guess it's only proper to let go of the case. It was just a single game and wouldn't spell their status at the end of the All-Filipino Cup. They should be professional enough to take blows.

Also, the league didn't deny the error of the referees but with the current rules the call and result of the game sticks.
Move on Air21.

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