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Nike Hyperdunk

Thursday, August 14, 2008 , Posted by dAVe at 6:31 PM

Nike has once again proven its supremacy in terms of athletic wear globally. The current 2008 Beijing Olympics is a testament to how huge Nike has been. Their Hyperdunk Olympic series scheme was definitely a hit. Now every baller longs to have a pair of Hyperdunk of his own. Looking at the shoe itself, it's very simple in terms of looks and design. Not as flashy as other models. What I like most about this is its weight. It's so light for the feet.

In fact it is considered as the worlds lightest and strongest basketball shoe. The Nike Hyperdunk weighs in at only 13.0 ounces. That is 18% lighter than the average Nike basketball shoe.

Here are some of my favorites:

Costs around $135-140.00 (USD), or around 6,000.00 pesos, it's worth it! Wish I could have one. Any sponsors? :D

Photos: sneaksngear

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