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For those who are interested to exchange links with this site, Kindly post a comment on this post in this format:

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Korver, now in Utah

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During the last week of December, 2007, Kyle Korver became a member of the Utah Jazz in exchange for Gordan Giricek and a conditional first round draft pick in next year's draft. Based on my readings, the Jazz was the one who initiated the trade. I wonder why the Sixers grabbed the offer considering that Korver has been their only consistent threat from the outside ever since he came to the Sixers. Korver was around 40% from the 3-point arc last season and through time, he has improved as an all around player including on the defensive end.

I think the trade definitely favors the Jazz. With Korver, the Jazz now have a formidable three-point shooter. Boozer can exploit more on the inside because the defense will have to extend out on Korver. Kick-out plays to Korver will always be present every for sure. Korver will join Okur and Williams in playing beyond the arc. The Sixers on the other hand, might see the fruit of this trade by the time they make a good move on their draft rights gained from Utah. For now, Philidelphia is a "so so" team. I feel Andre Iguodola isn't that ripe yet to carry a team on his young shoulders. Andre Miller also isn't really the type of player who can lead a team to strings of victory. The team needs a lot of reconstruction especially on their roster. If the Sixers wants to get back to their glorious days, they must do something with their line-up.

For more on the celebrity looking Korver, check out his site here.

13 Rules of Basketball James Naismith

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  1. The ball may be thrown in any direction with one or both hands.
  2. The ball may be batted in any direction with one or both hands, but never with the fist.
  3. A player cannot run with the ball. The player must throw it from the spot on which he catches it, allowance to be made for a man running at good speed.
  4. The ball must be held by the hands. The arms or body must not be used for holding it.
  5. No shouldering, holding, pushing, striking or tripping in any way of an opponent. The first infringement of this rule by any person shall count as a foul; the second shall disqualify him until the next goal is made or, if there was evident intent to injure the person, for the whole of the game. No substitution shall be allowed.
  6. A foul is striking at the ball with the fist, violations of Rules 3 and 4 and such as described in Rule 5.
  7. If either side makes three consecutive fouls it shall count as a goal for the opponents (consecutive means without the opponents in the meantime making a foul).
  8. A goal shall be made when the ball is thrown or batted from the grounds into the basket and stays there, providing those defending the goal do no touch or disturb the goal. If the ball rests on the edges, and the opponent moves the basket, it shall count as a goal.
  9. When the ball goes out of bounds, it shall be thrown into the field and played by the first person touching it. In case of dispute the umpire shall throw it straight into the field. The thrower-in is allowed five seconds. If he holds it longer, it shall go to the opponent. If any side persists in delaying the game, the umpire shall call a foul on them.
  10. The umpire shall be the judge of the men and shall note the fouls and notify the referee when three consecutive fouls have been made. He shall have power to disqualify men according to Rule 5.
  11. The referee shall be judge of the ball and shall decide when the ball is in play, in bounds, to which side it belongs, and shall keep the time. He shall decide when a goal has been made and keep account of the goals, with any other duties that are usually performed by a referee.
  12. The time shall be two fifteen-minute halves, with five minutes rest between.
  13. The side making the most goals in that time shall be declared the winner.

The Father of Basketball

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James Naismith was the Canadian physical education instructor who invented basketball in 1891. James Naismith was born in Almonte, Ontario and educated at McGill University and Presbyterian Cllege in Montreal. He was the physical education teacher at McGill University (1887 to 1890) and at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts (1890 to 1895). At Springfield College (which was then the Y.M.C.A. training school), James Naismith, under the direction of American phys-ed specialist Luther Halsey Gulick, invented the indoor sport of basketball.

Photo of James Naismith

The first formal rules were devised in 1892. Initially, players dribbled a soccer ball up and down a court of unspecified dimensions. Points were earned by landing the ball in a peach basket. Iron hoops and a hammock-style basket were introduced in 1893. Another decade passed, however, before the innovation of open-ended nets put an end to the practice of manually retrieving the ball from the basket each time a goal was scored.

In 1959, James Naismith was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame (called the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame.)


All about basketball

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This will be my 2nd blog under blogger. From the URL itself, this blog is basically about basketball. I will be posting my thoughts regarding my personal favorite sport. Also, expect updates from the different leagues like the NBA, PBA and other professional leagues. I will also chat about different basketball tournaments like SEA Games, Asian Games, FIBA, and the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

Basketball aparallels from shoes to different gears will also be featured. News and updates regarding famous basketball teams and players including player movement will be delivered! I think it will also be good to have the history, evolution, mechanics, and other information about basketball as my early posts.

This will be similar to my other blog, inthegame. Please do visit this blog regularly and kindly leaver your comments and suggestions.